Don't Let Subluxation Derail Your Daily Life

Don't Let Subluxation Derail Your Daily Life

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When your vertebrae fall out of alignment, your back will experience subluxation. This means that your spine will begin to put pressure on the surrounding nerves and blood vessels. As a result, your discs will degenerate and cause your muscles, nerves and bones to reorganize themselves around your altered spine. Subluxation can also prevent the transfer of neural messages to and from your brain.

If you're concerned that your vertebrae are no longer aligned, turn to Tidwell Chiropractic & Laser Center for chiropractic services. We can reverse the effects of subluxation in no time. Visit us today in Tuscaloosa, AL to get started.

Recognize the signs of subluxation

It can be hard to tell when you have subluxation. Contact us right away for chiropractic services if you notice these signs:

  • Sharp pain
  • Swelling around the impacted area
  • Reduced mobility
  • Balance issues
  • Numbness

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