Laser Decompression

We Offer Herniated Disc Treatment

We Offer Herniated Disc Treatment

Ask about our laser decompression therapy in Tuscaloosa, AL

If you have a bulging or herniated disc, you want relief without having surgery. Call Tidwell Chiropractic & Laser Center today for our herniated disc treatment service. Our treatment method includes a state-of-the-art decompression system that's used by thousands of health care professionals. You'll get laser and decompression therapy at the same time to help prevent surgical intervention - which usually requires two surgeries.

Get amazing herniated disc treatment without going to the hospital. Schedule our innovative decompression therapy in Tuscaloosa, AL by calling 205-752-7503.

How our combination therapy helps your body recover

By combining laser treatment with our decompression therapy, you'll get the maximum level of relief. The treatment works on the cellular level to:

  • Improve oxygen and nutrients
  • Decrease inflammation and pain
  • Relax your muscles

For more information on our combination treatment method, talk to a member of our staff today.