Custom Foot Orthotics in Tuscaloosa, AL

Improve Your Posture and Make Walking a Breeze

Improve Your Posture and Make Walking a Breeze

Discover your options for custom foot orthotics in Tuscaloosa, AL

Are you tired of foot and lower limb problems hindering your lifestyle? Tidwell Chiropractic & Laser Center offers custom foot orthotics in Tuscaloosa, AL. Foot orthotics are uniquely designed shoe inserts that give your feet extra support and correct imbalances. They can be worn daily to help take the discomfort out of your favorite activities.

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Top benefits of foot orthotics

If you want to alleviate issues related to walking and alignment, custom foot orthotics may be a good fit for you. Foot orthotics can...

  • Improve an athlete's performance
  • Reduce foot ulceration and heel pain
  • Distribute your body's weight properly
  • Take the pressure off of your back, neck and hips
  • Enhance your health from a biomechanical standpoint

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